New Low Cost Carrier Terminal (LCCT) at Kuala Lumpur International Airport

Malaysia Airports Holdings Berhad (MAHB) plans to complete the construction of their new permanent Low Cost Carrier terminal (LCCT), at a cost of RM2 billion, by the third quarter of 2011. The new terminal will be able to accommodate up to 30 million passengers per year, with capacity for expansion of up to 45 million passengers per year.

The new terminal will be of 150,000sqm and will have a comfort level of 15-20sqm per passenger. It will also feature a 6,000 bay multi-storey car park and an integrated transport hub for buses and taxis.

The new LCCT will have excellent connection with KLIA's Main Terminal Building as the two terminals will be just 1.5km away. The terminals will also be linked via ERL Connection.

On the airside, 70 aircraft parking apron bays will be built to service the new LCCT. MAHB will also invest in the construction of a third runway (4km in length) for operational efficiency. Full parallel taxiways for aircraft will also be built for Runway 2 and Runway 3 for quick turnaround.

The new LCCT will also focus on efficient layout plans for concession areas (retail, F&B etc). Transfer areas will also be planned to facilitate ease of connections as well as an Immigration Processing Area for Labour Traffic. There will also be a Tourism Malaysia Hub in the new LCCT's Arrival Area.

According to MAHB Managing Director Dato' Seri Bashir Ahmad, "The design of the LCCT building will take into account input from all potential airlines. We want to ensure that passengers are comfortable and that the new terminal will provide excellent operational efficiency."