Air India, Air India Express, Asiana Airlines and Korean Air Move to Changi Airport Terminal 2

Four airlines will operate from Singapore Changi Airport's Terminal 2 from 29 March 2009, Sunday. The four are Air India (AI/ IC), Air India Express (IX), Asiana Airlines (OZ) and Korean Air (KE).

"By operating from Terminal 2, the four airlines will have more capacity for their future growth and expansion. The airlines' move from Terminal 1 to Terminal 2 will also better distribute capacity usage across the three main terminals and optimise the usage of airport facilities," said CAAS' Director-General and Chief Executive Officer, Mr Lim Kim Choon.

To inform passengers and airport visitors about the move, CAAS will be updating the airport directories, signs and electronic displays at Changi Airport. CAAS has also updated the Indian and Korean communities about the move via their respective embassies and key associations. In addition, CAAS will be distributing car decals to taxi operators and posters to major tourist establishments in Little India.